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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Way to Stop the Building of the Grand Mosque Near Ground Zero?

Interesting idea over at Hillbuzz on how to stop the building of a Grand Mosque near Ground Zero:
ACTION ITEM: Here is how we stop the Mega-Mosque at Ground Zero. By filling lower Manhattan surrounding the mosque’s site with pig-themed public art. . . .

Here’s how we stop it folks — and all it will take will be enough wealthy conservative, independent, and moderate private individuals in New York City to commission public works of art to line all the sidewalks in a three block radius of where that “Mega-Mosque” is supposed to be built.

Pig sculptures.

Pig fountains.

Pig murals.

A vast procession of pigs leading straight to where this Mega-Mosque is supposed to be built, so that any Muslims making a pilgrimage to this building to celebrate the murders on 9/11 will appear to join all of those giant pigs headed straight for the mosque as well. . . READ MORE

I'm not Jewish, but I'm not sure our Jewish friends would approve of this approach. It would certainly, though, be problematic for the Mosque.


Mohamed shorbaji May 19, 2010 at 8:52 AM  

It's so shameful to say this,, we muslims in arab countries treat christians better than we treat brothers, and that churches in my country(Egypt) are built everywhere and that my friends are christians, sooo shameful to show muslims as terrorists, so shameful may god guides you

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