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Friday, May 7, 2010

Texas Prison Inmates Received 111,000 Emails in February; Some from Anonymous Sources

Texas legislators are planning to investigate how Texas Prison inmates came to be allowed to receive emails. In February alone, inmates received more than 111,000 emails, some of them from "anonymous" sources.

Austin American-Statesman

Surprised by a revelation that Texas convicts can receive e-mails in state prisons, legislative leaders said Friday that they plan to investigate how the multimillion-dollar, no-bid deal came about and without any public debate.

And lawmakers and prison investigators said they have security concerns because e-mails can be sent from anonymous users with little trace of their true source.

Prison officials defended the e-mail system, saying the contract was handled properly and the system has operated without problems or security issues.

Even so, House leaders said they are researching to determine whether the e-mail system is allowed by a 2007 state law that permitted pay phones in Texas' 112 prisons.

Only incoming e-mails to convicts are allowed. In February alone, 111,000 e-mails were sent into state prisons, officials said. . . .READ MORE

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