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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sen. Jeff Sessions Says Kagan "Violated the Law" in Rejecting Military Recruiters at Harvard - Video 5/16/10

Here is video of Sen. Jeff Sessions discussing Obama Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan. Sessions said her refusal to allow Military Recruiters on campus at the Harvard Law School when she was Dean is "not a little-bitty matter." Sessions said she "violated the law of the United Staes" in doing so, and this should be a serious consideration in her confirmation hearing.

"This is no little-bitty matter, Jake. She would not let them come to the area that does the recruiting on the campus. They had to meet with some student veterans, and this is not acceptable. It was a big error. . . ."

"She disallowed them from the normal recruitment process on campus. She went out of her way to do so. She was a national leader in that, and she violated the law of the United States at various points in the process."

Well said by Sessions.


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