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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rep. King Calls Level of Information Leaked About Shahzad By the Administration 'Criminal Negligence' - Video 5/4/10

Bill O'Reilly talks with Rep. Peter King and Michael Scheuer about the arrest of Faisal Shahzad.

Rep. Peter King expressed concern over the level of information that the media had before the arrest of Shahzad, King said, "I've never seen a situation on such a high priority investigation where so much information, so much damaging information, was leaked by the administration." King said that it was 'criminal negligence' to release so much information before they had detained Shahzad, he said he is going to ask the FBI to investigate who leaked the information, "Because you could have put lives at risk here."

Michael Scheuer said that even though this attack was 'amateurish,' it was "successful in everything except it didn't explode, and so they'll come back again if they're not already in the country." Scheuer also commented on the recent video from the Taliban threatening American cities, he said, "It certainly looks increasingly like it's going to be a credible threat from them...I don't think it's conclusive yet, but I think it increasingly looks like the threat was credible"


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