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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rand Paul GOP Primary Victory Speech in Kentucky: "I Have a Message from the Tea Party - We've Come to Take our Government Back" - Video 5/18/10

Here is video of GOP U.S. Senate Primary Winner Rand Paul in Kentucky tonight, delivering victory remarks after a huge victory over opponent Trey Grayson.

Paul said, "I have a message from the Tea Party - We've come to take our Government back." He said "the Tea Party Movement is about saving the country."

Rand Paul hammered President Obama for "apologizing for America's greatness," and said about Capitalism, "we should not apologize to the rest of the world for our system."

Rand Paul also said we "should be proud of Captialism." "Capitalism is freedom."

Wow! What a great message from Rand Paul. This message is going to resonate across the state of Kentucky, and I daresay, across the nation.


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