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Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss Oklahoma Supports Arizona Immigration Law at Miss USA Pageant - Video

Via Gateway Pundit

Here is video of Miss Oklahoma - Morgan Elizabeth Woolard - answering a question on the new anti-illegal immigration law in Arizona. Woolard said she believes in "state's rights," and that Arizona had a right to "create this law." She said she is "against illegal immigration," but also against "racial profiling."

Woolard came in second in the Miss USA Pageant to Miss Michigan - Rima Fakih - a Muslim whose family has apparent ties in the past to Hezbollah.


Anonymous,  May 17, 2010 at 2:50 PM  

She is going against celebrity culture.

Obama is the epitome of celebrity (Hollywood) culture. All the deviant and appalling behavior or Hollywood -- abortions on demand, same sex orgies and marriage, anti military, "we are the world" smarmy communism, the greening of America and the superior moral way delivered by sex and substance addicts who are in and out of rehab daily -- can be found in microcosm with Obama and his administration. It is no coincidence that glossy mags have the latest on Hollywood and Obama. A worldview is being sold to America. As much as we are appalled by Hollywood's antics and self indulgent behavior people are still attracted to it. What it lacks the most is religious faith, but religion, especially Christianity, is a scourge or a sign of stupidity and weakness. Godless sodomites will be the new Hollywood standard whereas other Americans, the bitter ones, hold on to their religion and guns.

Maybe Obama wants the times so bad that he will be welcomed as a tyrant strongman that will clean up the mess -- the messiah dictator. But he is the mess that America needs cleaning up.

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