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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Michelle Obama Tells GW Grads World's Challenges are "Borderless"; Urges Surfing "Foreign News Sources" to Gain Global Perspective - Video

Here is video of Michelle Obama speaking at the George Washington University Commencement where she told the graduates "Yes you can" change the world. She told the graduating class "it is in our best interests to look beyond our immediate self-interest, and look out for one another globally."

Michelle O told the graduates:

"So many of today's challenges are borderless, from the economy to terrorism to climate change and that solving those problems demands cooperating with others. And more than any other generation, yours is fully convinced that you're uniquely equipped to solve those challenges. You believe you can change your communities and change the world and you know what, I think you're right, yes you can!"

She then told them they should try and get in touch with how the world views things by traveling abroad or by "surfing foreign news sources to get an idea of how other young people see things in other parts of the world."

It is clear that Michelle and Barack Obama see themselves first and foremost as citizens of the world. Problem is, the President's job is to look out for what is in the best interests of the United States and her citizens - not the citizens of the world.


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