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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lt. Col. Oliver North Confirming Sources Tell Him Mullah Omar Has Been Captured

Over at Big Government, Lt. Col. Oliver North as written a piece in which he says his sources tell him that Taliban Leader Mullah Omar has been captured, and is now under "institutional care" of the Pakistanis:

Big Government

Hopefully, Ms. Clinton was dissembling, because intelligence sources here in the U.S. and Afghanistan inform me that Pakistani officials know exactly where Mullah Omar is: in the hands of the ISI. This should not be news to the U.S. Secretary of State.

Last month, while I was still in Afghanistan, rumors were circulating that the ISI had detained Mullah Omar in Karachi on March 27, and placed him under house arrest in what they call “community care.” American operatives say he has since been transferred to a secret ISI lock-up under the Pakistani euphemism: “institutional care.” According to several reports, all of this information was confirmed to U.S. officials by a senior Pakistani military officer “several weeks ago.”

“Why would the ISI take down ‘one of their own?’” I asked. The answer came in a mixed metaphor but the meaning was clear: “The ISI intends to be in the driver’s seat when the ‘Peace Talks’ get underway in Afghanistan later this month. And the ISI officers calling the shots know Mullah Omar is the best bargaining chip they have.” . . . READ MORE

So far, not a peep in the liberal media.

Via Gateway Pundit


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