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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Los Angeles to Boycott Arizona over Anti-Illegal Immigration Law - Video Report 5/12/10

The nutcases on the Los Angeles City Council have decided to boycott the whole state of Arizona over their new anti-illegal immigration law:


Los Angeles on Wednesday became the largest city yet to boycott Arizona over its tough new law targeting illegal immigration in a move that likely will affect some $8 million in contracts with the state.

The City Council voted 13-1 to bar Los Angeles from conducting business with Arizona unless the law is repealed.

"Los Angeles is the second-largest city in this country. An immigrant city, an international city needs to have its voice heard," Councilman Ed Reyes said.

The vote followed an emotional council discussion during which many members noted that their ancestors were U.S. immigrants. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa already has said he would approve the boycott. . . . READ MORE
 When do they vote to boycott Mexico for allowing so many of their people to cross the border illegally?


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