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Thursday, May 20, 2010

"The Limbaugh Victory": Op-Ed Traces 2010 Conservative Resurgence Back to Rush Limbaugh

Zev Chafets has written an outstanding piece in the New Yourk Times in which he sets forth the proposition that the primary reason conservatives are resurgent in 2010 can be summed up in two words: Rush Limbaugh.

New York Times
But the most obvious explanation is the one that’s been conspicuously absent from the gusher of analysis. Republican success in 2010 can be boiled down to two words: Rush Limbaugh.

Mr. Limbaugh has played an important role in elections going back to 1994, when he commanded the air war in the Republican Congressional victory. This time, however, he is more than simply the mouthpiece of the party. He is the brains and the spirit behind its resurgence.

How did this happen? The Obama victory in 2008 left Republicans dazed, demoralized and leaderless. Less than six weeks after the inauguration, in a nationally televised keynote address to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, Mr. Limbaugh stepped into the void with a raucous denunciation of the new president’s agenda and a strategic plan based on his belief that real conservatism wins every time. He reiterated his famous call for Mr. Obama to fail and urged the party faithful to ignore the siren song of bipartisanship and moderation and stay true to the principles of Ronald Reagan. . . . .MORE

In case you never saw the speech Chafets mentions, that Rush gave at CPAC 2009, here it is. It was a clarion call, and it did help to re-energize conservatives after the demoralizing election of Barack Obama in 2008.


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