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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Krauthammer Says Not Using Term "Radical Islam" Like Not Using "Nazism" in WWII or "Communism" in Cold War - Video

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer reacting to Attorney General Eric Holder's unwillingness to use the term "Radical Islam" to describe what incites terrorists to attack the United States.

Krauthammer said it is absurd to not call the ideology behind the enemy what it is - "Radical Islam." In fact, he likened this politically-correct attitude displayed by Holder in a recent hearing to how absurd it would have been to never speak of "Communism" during the Cold War, or "Nazism" during World War II as the ideologies behind the enemy.

Krauthammer could not be more right! But in the PC world of the Left, you can't let reality get in the way of what you want to believe.


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