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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kansas 2010 U.S. Senate Race Appears Strongly in GOP Hands

A new Rasmussen poll gives us our first look at how strong the GOP U.S. Senate candidates are running in Kansas. The answer: VERY strong!

Kansas has not elected a non-Republican to the U.S. Senate since 1932. It does not look like 2010 will change that. Both GOP candidates far outpace all three Democrat challengers. GOP candidate Jerry Moran leads all three Dems by at least 34 points, while his GOP rival Todd Tiahrt leads all three Dems by at least 21 points.

Our 2010 U.S. Senate Polls and Projections page has all the polls in the last 40 days to give you an idea of how the races are trending. We have the GOP picking up 8 seats in the U.S. Senate at this point. They need to pickup 10 seats to regain control.


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