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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

John Stossel Calls President Obama an "Arrogant Interventionist" with "Terrible Ideas" When it Comes to the Economy - Video 5/4/10

Here is video of John Stossel talking to Bill O'Reilly about whether or not President Obama is actually a "socialist" or not. Stossel said he would call Obama an "arrogant interventionist":

"I’d call Obama an interventionist. An arrogant interventionist. He wants government control over health care, banking, energy, education, and the auto industry. He has “lawyers’ disease.” Law school misleads lawyers into thinking that smart bureaucrats can successfully micromanage life with paper and procedure. He wants to increase regulation everywhere. Those are terrible ideas."

O'Reilly said it is clear Obama wants to take money from the well-off and give it away through government action.

Stossel said "central planning" is taking over as opposed to individual planning.

Everyone keeps dancing around the world "socialism" because the Government does not control all means of production in the country. Obama's philosophy clearly is "socialistic" in that he is moving the nation toward socialism and if he could, I am convinced he would impose a fully socialist regime on America.


Anonymous,  May 5, 2010 at 11:32 AM  

Why does everybody fear or back away from using that word? Is it too vague, mysterious or, simply, too loaded of a term? Are people afraid that their remarks will somehow come back and bite them in the ass? Do they just want to think the best about the president or will they not want to admit the American people, for whatever reason, voted in a socialist? Fox News is correct to draw attention to it. I think he is a socialist but, hey, I'm anonymous, so who care what I think.

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