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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harry Reid Hacked Off at Scott Brown; Confronts Brown on Senate Floor

Dingy Harry is not happy with the man who took Teddy's seat. I'm sure Scott Brown is quaking in his boots!

CNN Political Ticker: Moments after narrowly losing a key vote on the hotly contested Wall Street reform bill Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told a news conference that another senator "broke his word with me."

It was a rare public rebuke of a fellow senator, and while Reid, D-Nevada, and his aides refused to identify the individual or provide specifics about the charge, other Senate aides from both parties said Reid was referring to Scott Brown, the new Republican senator from Massachusetts.

An aide to Brown confirmed that the senator had signaled to Reid he would vote for the motion to end debate on the financial regulations bill, but said it was conditioned on changes that had not been made by the time of the Wednesday's procedural vote.

"Harry Reid does not speak for Scott Brown. Scott Brown speaks for Scott Brown," Brown spokeswomen Gail Gitcho said in response to Reid's accusation. "Bipartisanship is a two-way street."

Gitcho said Brown didn't vote to end the debate "because the way this bill is currently constructed it would cost jobs in Massachusetts and does not include the fixes he understood were in the bill."

A spokesman for Reid, Jim Manley, refused to comment when asked if Brown told Reid his support was conditional on changes to the bill.

Brown and Reid were seen on the Republican side of the Senate floor having an intense discussion for several minutes after Brown cast his vote. The discussion ended with Brown disappearing into the Republican cloakroom. . . .READ MORE


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