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Friday, May 7, 2010

Gigantic Containment Dome Lowered Near Sea Floor to Stop Gulf Oil Leak - Video Report 5/7/10

Here is a video report on the attempt by BP to capture oil leaking in the Gulf of Mexico by lowering a gigantic dome to near the Sea floor, where the attempt will be made to connect it next week.


A giant steel container meant to capture oil leaking from the ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico was lowered to within 200 feet of the sea floor on Friday afternoon, representing what officials hope could be the best method yet to stem the majority of the flow of crude oil.

The containment dome will likely not be connected until early next week, and officials for BP, the company responsible for the cleanup since the oil rig it was leasing exploded 18 days ago, cautioned that the procedure was experimental.

“We should recognize that this hasn’t been done before,” Doug Suttles, the chief operating officer, said at a news conference here. “We should expect it will undoubtedly have some complications. But we’re committed to trying to make this work.” . . . READ MORE


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