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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fred Thompson Calls CT Democrat Richard Blumenthal a "Lying Weasel" - Video 5/19/10

Here is video of former Sen. Fred Thompson sounding off on Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal's claim that he only "misspoke" several times in saying he served "in Vietnam."

Fred Thompson flat out called Blumenthal a "lying weasel." He pointed out that now that he has been caught, Blumenthal is indignantly stating he will "not allow" anyone to distort his record - "His record of what," Thompson said. "His record of lying?"

Thompson also commented on the fact that so many Obama Administration officials are criticizing the Arizona immigration law when they have not even read it. Thompson said it appears they have a "strategy of ignorance," because they don't really care what is in it. They are following a political strategy, without regard to what is actually in the law.


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