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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Franklin Graham Says Christians Treated with Double-Standard; "Islam Gets a Pass" - Video 5/5/10

Here is video of the Rev. Franklin Graham in an interview telling David Brody that there is a double-standard in the way Christians and Muslims are treated by the current administration in Washington. Graham said "Islam gets a pass," while Christians get the boot (he didn't say that, I did).

Here is what Graham actually said:

The Brody File

Franklin Graham: "I think it is a put down, because there seems to be that Islam gets a pass, that a couple of Muslims complain about a Christian event at the Pentagon, when there's been Christian events at the Pentagon for years.

My father has preached there, I have preached there, many others have preached there, but yet a couple of Muslims can complain. They can have Ramadan, they have their prayer services there, I don't complain, I'm happy for them to do that, but for them to complain because I don't believe as they believe and I don't worship the same God that they worship. I worship a different God than they worship.

But we love them, and I care for them, and I want Muslims everywhere to know what I know that Jesus Christ died for their sins the same way he died for mine and if they're willing to confess and repent of their sins and receive Christ in their hearts, then their lives, they can have that assurance of salvation, forgiveness of sin, and they can have that assurance of Heaven, and I want them to know that."


Blind Eye Jones,  May 6, 2010 at 9:48 AM  

Christianity and Islam and like two brothers who grew up together. Islam, the younger brother, now has attacks of self doubt and insecurity and will attack his younger brother over the slightest perceived offense. The old brother will silently bear those attacks and wish his brother well, even to the point of disclaiming the violence towards him or the violent nature of his brother. The older brother does not want to provoke his brother -- this is done out of love rather than fear. The older brother will bear whatever the hardships the younger brother throws at him with the faith that the younger brother will slowly come around and renounce his violence. This is the Christian way, is it not?

The older brother is the stronger brother but refrains from violence toward the younger more out of love than anything else. This restraint is a sign of its love and strength. But how many people accept this "I am my brothers keeper" point of view? Most simply say Christians are weak and afraid. And because of this weakness they are attacked from all quarters by all the Christian hating groups.

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