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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fox News' Shepherd Smith Hammers Eric Holder for "Revisionist History" Claim Times Square Attack was "Thwarted" - Video 5/4/10

Here is video of Fox News' Shepherd Smith this afternoon blasting Attorney General Eric Holder for claiming the Times Square Car Bomb attack was "thwarted."

"That's not true. That's not true according to the facts as given to us by the Feds. This bomb was not 'thwarted.' This bomb failed."

"Now I can think of a lot of different reasons they would want this. For instance, down the road, the next time something happens, they can say,'We thwarted Christmas Day and we thwarted Times Square.' But that wouldn't be the case. And part of our job, I think, is to not allow revisionist history to take over . . . "

Good for Shepherd Smith! Shepherd Smith was persistent even after he got an on-air response from Holder's office that tried to explain away his "thwarted" statement. Smith played Holder's words again and pointed out the fact he had clearly claimed the attack was "thwarted."

H/T Commenter at Free Republic "RushIsMyTeddyBear"

Video via Johnny Dollar's Place


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