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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ellis Henican Says Times Square Bomber Had a 'Cocktail of Motivations' And Media Is Being 'Understanding' - Video 5/8/10

Fox News Watch discusses the media's sympathy for the Times Square bomber and debate Ellis Henican on whether his main motive was Islam or the fact that his house was in foreclosure, like so many other Americans who don't try to blow things up.

Ellis Henican said the media is just "trying to get inside the mind of this madman" through "understanding." He added that he believes Shahzad came to "these horrible acts through a cocktail of motivations."

Jim Pinkerton sarcastically responded, "Now we know why all the millions of people who had their houses foreclosed went and blew up those town squares where they lived." He added, "The variable is not middle-class homeowner, the variable is Islamic Jihadism."


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