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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CT Dem Senate Candidate Blumenthal Faces the Press; "Regrets" He "Misspoke" on Serving In Vietnam - Complete Video 5/18/10

Here is complete video of Connecticut Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Richard Blumenthal appearing before the press today to try and explain a New York Times report that he has claimed to have served in the military "in Vietnam," even though he never did serve in Vietnam.

Blumenthal appeared with veteran supporters flanking him, and applauding his every word. He spoke repeatedly of how proud he is of his military service in the Marine Corps Reserves, and that he has always stood up for veterans.

But he would only admit to having "misspoken" on several occasions in stating he served "in Vietnam." He said he did not intend to leave the impression he was actually there, but that he only served "during Vietnam." Blumenthal said he "regretted" he had "misspoken," but would not apologize.

The whole spectacle was bizarre, with the cheering section he had gathered around him actually answering for him, "No" when Blumenthal was asked if he thought he should apologize.

People should remember that Blumenthal is the Attorney General of Connecticut right now. He is a lawyer, and knows the significance of words. Blumenthal surely knew the difference between saying he served "in Vietnam" instead of "during" Vietnam, or simply saying he served "in the military."

Blumenthal looked like a man who believes he can weather this scandal with this sorry attempt to spin it away. Surely what he did here will not suffice.


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