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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Blasts Obama Admin. Apology to Chinese for Arizona; "If You Sneak into China, You'll Wind Up....With a Bullet in Your Head" - Video 5/17/10

Here is video of Fox News' Bill O'Reilly last night slamming Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner for apologizing to the Chinese for the new anti-illegal immigration law in Arizona. Not only did Posner apologize, he brought the subject up as he met with the Chinese on the issue of human rights. This video of O'Reilly's "Memo" includes video of Posner stating that he brought Arizona up with the Chinese, as if there some kind of equivalency to what the Chinese do and the Arizona law.

"Are you kidding me," O'Reilly said after playing the video of Posner's moronic statement. "Is this the Twilight Zone," O'Reilly asked.

O'REILLY: "If you sneak into China, you'll wind up in a concentration camp or with a bullet in your head. There's not a lot of illegal aliens in Beijing. And the Obama Administration is discussing Arizona with people? Totally beyond the pale."
 In many ways - not just with this issue - it feels like we are in "The Twilight Zone" with the Obama Administration.


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