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Saturday, May 15, 2010

As Inspiring as it Gets: U.S. Soldier Who Lost All Four Limbs in Iraq Sets Example for Us All - Video

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Via HotAirPundit

What a story. Brendan Marrocco is a U.S. Soldier who lost all four limbs to a roadside bomb in Iraq on Easter Sunday 2009. His character and courage is absolutely inspiring. What an example he is to us all.

CBS News

Sooner or later it had to happen - a soldier losing all four limbs and yet surviving. It happened to Brendan Marrocco on Easter Sunday of 2009 in Iraq, when his vehicle tripped a roadside bomb.

"It just took both arms, my left leg off completely and my right leg was still attached a little bit," Marrocco said, "and killed my gunner - my best friend."

Then there's that nasty scar on his neck.

"Yeah, I severed my carotid artery," Marrocco said. "That alone should have killed me."

Carotid artery severed, both arms and left leg completely off - why didn't he bleed to death? The answer is a gruesome irony: the heat of the blast instantly cauterized the same wounds it had caused.

"I was barely bleeding from them," Marrocco said. The same weapon that took half his body saved his life. Just barely.

"I wasn't expected to live," Marrocco recalled. "I died three times and came back." No pulse. "Flat-out dead." . . . READ MORE

HotAirPundit has more, including photos. One of the best stories I have seen produced by the media in a very long time.


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