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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ash from Iceland Volcano Causes Closure of British Airports - Video

Here is video from Sky News on the closure of all United Kingdom Airports as a result of volcanic ash from a volcano in Iceland.
All UK airports - including Gatwick and Heathrow - have been closed after a massive cloud of ash from a volcano in Iceland drifted into UK airspace.

Thousands of flights across the UK have been cancelled causing disruption for hundreds of thousands of passengers.

It is the largest-scale closure of British airspace ever, aviation officials say.

Gatwick and Heathrow alone normally cater for 260,000 passengers a day.

UK airspace will be closed until at least 6pm, apart from emergencies.

That includes military flights through RAF Brize Norton Oxfordshire, the main airbridge to Afghanistan.

Airspace in Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, Germany and Ireland has also been closed. . . . . . . MORE

Below is some video of the Iceland Volcano, and a brief report on the eruption:


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