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Monday, April 5, 2010

Space Shuttle Discovery Blasts Off on Next-to-Last Mission - Video 4/5/10

Here is video of the Space Shuttle Discovery blasting off last night with seven crew members on board for a 13-day mission:

The space shuttle Discovery blasted off from Florida today on its next-to-last mission as President Barack Obama prepares to hold a conference on the future of U.S. space exploration in Cape Canaveral.

Discovery took off at 6:2 a.m. local time from Kennedy Space Center with six astronauts on board for a 13-day mission to the Earth-orbiting International Space Station. The shuttle, commanded by U.S. Navy Captain Alan Poindexter, is set to deliver a logistics module with equipment to be used for science experiments. The craft is set to return to Florida on April 18. . . MORE


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