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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sarah Palin was Right on "Death Panel" Warning; Obama Budget Director Describes "Independent Payment Advisory Board" in ObamaCare - Video

Remember how liberals laughed and scoffed at Gov. Sarah Palin's warning that passage of Government Health Care would result in "death panels?" By "death panel" she was warning that once Government ran Health Care, it would be in the Government's interests to ration care in order to reduce costs. The result would be end of life decisions being made by bureaucrats based on the cost of the care rather than by doctors on what is best for the patient.

Well, she was dead on right. Here is video of Obama's Budget Director - Peter Orszag - describing the key component of the ObamaCare legislation passed in March: The "Independent Payment Advisory Board." He describes this board as being the group that will move the Health Care system to focus on "quality and efficiency" rather than quantity." The board's focus will be Medicare patients (the elderly - "end of life"), and whatever cost saving "targets" they decree will automatically take effect unless Congress acts to change their decision, AND the President signs the Congressional action.

An incredulous reporter asks Orszag if this was explained to Congress when it was being considered, and he said "Yes it was."

Orszag concluded: "This is a very substantial change...Statutory power to put forward proposals to reduce health care cost growth over time - and improve quality - and those proposals take effect automatically if Congress ignores them, if Congress votes them down and the President veto that bill - so in other words, inertia now plays to the side of this Independent Board."

Notice how Orszag is careful to throw the word "quality" in to make this Board sound noble. But if their focus is on reducing costs in care to the elderly (Medicare), reducing "quantity" in terms of care, then it leads to the logical conclusion that fewer procedures, medications, etc. will be provided to seniors. That will be lower quantity and quality of care to those impacted.

Orszag described perfectly what Sarah Palin warned would come.


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