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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sarah Palin Says Man who Hacked Her Email was Trying to "Derail a Presidential Election" - Video 4/23/10

Here is video of Gov. Sarah Palin talking to Greta Van Susteren last night about her testimony yesterday in Tennessee in the trial of a young man who hacked into her email account during the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Palin said there "was an attempt to grill" her by the defense, "but there wasn't a whole lot of grilling to be accomplished." Palin said it is a pretty cut and dry case, because the perpetrator has admitted hacking into the email account. It is really just a matter of what his punishment will be.

Palin was asked if she had empathy toward the 22 year-old defendant - David Kernell - since he is so young. Palin said she does not understand why he did not plead to something, since he has admitted hacking into the account. She also made the point that this was a very serious act, because the intent was to "derail a Presidential Election." He was looking for information to discredit her and impact the 2008 Presidential Election. Palin said that is akin to breaking into a campaign office to look for information.

As far as punishment, Palin said that is "up to the Judge."


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