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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Over 1,000 Protesters Turn Out a Day Ahead of Obama's Visit to Rural Missouri - Video Report 4/27/10

Here is a video report on 1,000 protesters gathering a day ahead of President Obama's scheduled visit to the rural Missouri town of Macon. Tea Party members and other local citizens gathered to protest Obama's policies, particularly the recent Health Care Law rammed through Congress despite public opposition.

One woman at the rally said:

"65 percent of American people said we didn’t want this healthcare. They go ahead and push it through behind locked doors and write a 2,400 page bill that no-one knows what on it; something’s wrong; that’s not America."

For over one-thousand people to gather a day ahead of Obama's visit in a very rural area is quite amazing!

Gateway Pundit points out that Macon only has 5,500 residents! He has much more on the protest.


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