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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obama Slams Arizona Anti-Illegal Immigration Law; Describes Path to Citizenship - Video 4/27/10

Here is video of President Obama yesterday commenting on the issue of Immigration, particularly the new Arizona law.

Obama criticized the Arizona law as "ill-conceived," and one that will likely lead to the "harassment" of Hispanic-Americans in the state. Obama is slamming the Arizona law despite the fact his own Justice Department is still reviewing the new law!

Obama said it is time to make the "11-12 million" illegals in the United States "take responsibility" by forcing them to register, pay a fine, and learn English as part of a "comprehensive approach" to the problem.

What he is describing is a path to citizenship (amnesty) for what is undoubtedly far more than 11-12 million people in the United States illegally.


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