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Monday, April 12, 2010

Obama to Open "Nuclear Security Summit" in Washington with 40+ Nations; Netanyahu Will Not Attend - Video 4/12/10

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President Obama will open a summit today in Washington with more than 40 world leaders who gather for what is being called the "Nuclear Security Summit."

This report points out that the goal is to secure loose nuclear material so that it cannot find its way into the hands of states like Iran and North Korea. Obama is supposedly going to confer "on the sidelines" with leaders about how to prevent Iran from obtaining Nuclear Weapons.

Of course, the report never mentions Israel, and the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not attend because he believed the summit would turn into a "Let's gang-up on Israel" opportunity.

It is disgraceful that President Obama has created such a climate with our best friend in the Middle East to the point that Israel does not have confidence that we would not allow such a thing to take place. What it shows is that Israel knows they do not have a friend in the White House right now.


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