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Friday, April 9, 2010

New York Times Unearths 1983 Article by Barack Obama Showing He Favored the Radical Nuclear Freeze Movement

Via Gateway Pundit

The New York Times has posted an article written in 1983 by Barack Obama when he was a student at Columbia University. The article focuses on the Nuclear Freeze Movement that was the darling of the Left in those days.

The article is instructive in that it shows that Barack Obama was a part of the radical Left in the 1980's, and that his current push to weaken America's Nuclear Arsenal, and to dramatically change the conditions under which America will consider using that aresenal, is part of his longtime commitment to disarm and to bring about the Leftist utopia of a "world without nuclear weapons."

It is interesting that in 1983, Obama criticized President Ronald Reagan's firm commitment to a strong America in the face of the Soviet menace:

The Reagan administration's stalling at the Geneva ta1Iks on nuclear weapons has thus already caused severe tension and could ultimately bring about a dangerous rift between the United States and Western Europe. By being intransigent, Reagan is playing directly into the Russians' hands.

Well, Reagan wound up doing fairly well in how he dealt with the Russians. Yes, he entered into arms talks with the Soviets, but he was relentless in developing America's military strength, and would have never considered making a commitment to not use our Nuclear Arsenal even if attacked by Chemical or Biological Weapons.

The dirty little secret for Democrats is that though they now often praise Reagan - and even invoke his name when it suits their purposes - they detested him and did everything they could to work against his policies while he was President. Barack Obama was one of that crowd in the 1980's, and he is now trying to implement their unrealistic and dangerous goals as President.


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