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Friday, April 30, 2010

Meredith Vieira Asks Marco Rubio If He's Being 'Manipulated' By the Tea Party - Video 4/30/10

Via Newsbusters - Meredith Vieira: "Do you feel you're being manipulated at all by the Tea Party? Because they're the ones that have sort of helped boost your numbers. You've become their darling.

Rubio Responded, "Absolutely not. Well you know what? The Tea Party is just a collection of every day Americans, most of whom have never participated in politics before, who are tired of the direction of this country and want their voices heard. This is not a professional political movement. In fact, it's only a year old but I think it's been a good thing for American politics to see people get involved and have their voices heard. I'm proud of the, of the support they've given me."


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