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Monday, April 26, 2010

Matt Lauer Shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cartoon of People Being Questioned in Arizona for "Ordering Nachos" - Video 4/26/10

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Here is video of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio talking with Matt Lauer on The Today Show this morning, where Lauer asked him if he worried the state's "image will suffer" as a result of their new Anti-Illegal Immigration Law. To illustrate his point, Lauer showed a political cartoon that had people being questioned in Arizona for ordering Nachos at a restaurant.

Arpaio responded that he did not worry it will hurt the state's image, but instead believes it will help Arizona and attract others to move there. He said by getting rid of the illegal workers, it will open up more jobs for citizens.

Lauer tried turn the new law into a "racial profiling" instrument, but Arpaio did not let him get away with it. He pointed out that President Obama sent Justice Department people to Arizona just after taking office to investigate Arpaio for "alleged racial profiling." It has now been over a year, and Arpaio said they have brought nothing forward against him. Arpaio said, "We know how to enforce the illegal-immigration laws without racial profiling.


Anonymous,  April 26, 2010 at 11:16 AM  

Wow! I'm suprised Matt seemed okay with it.

Sheriff Joe Arpiao is right, more people will want to come here once this law takes effect because it will greatly reduce crime, create job's, and more state revenue from taxing jobs that were paid under the table, stimulate the economy because the money from those jobs will stay here instead of going to Mexico, the 2.3 Billion a year for the cost illegal immigration imposes on Arizona, the school bugets will require less money since we won't have to pay for thier education, Hospitals won't be forced into closing from the onslaught of illegals, and over all I think the economic BOOM here, will definately inspire other states to adopt this law. That has Obama scared as hell!!!!!!!!

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