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Friday, April 16, 2010

Man Destroys NBC Reporter's Racial Division Question at Tea Party: "These are My People - Americans" - Video 4/15/10

Here is a great video of an NBC Reporter at a Tea Party Rally yesterday, where she asked a man if he "ever felt uncomfortable" at the rally since there are not "a lot of African-American men" there.

The video is great on two counts:

1. It shows the absolute bias of the liberal media. The reporter was not there to report on what was being said by the citizens who assembled. She was looking for a way to try and discredit the Tea Party Movement. Their reporting is not always this blatantly biased, but it shows their true motivation.

2. Most importantly, this man gave a stunning answer! Notice he said, "These are my people - Americans." Wow! Such an answer never occurred to this reporter! The Left is all about breaking Americans down into ethnic groups and interest groups - bringing division. This man does not see himself as a "black man" or an "African-American man." He sees himself as an "American!" What a novel idea!

God bless him, and may we come to the day that we all see each other as "Americans."

Via Newsbusters


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