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Friday, April 2, 2010

Liberals Bill Press and Ed Schultz Pushing for the "Fairness Doctrine" - Audio 3/31/10

Here is audio of liberals Bill Press and Ed Schultz on radio advocating for the use of the "Fairness Doctrine." They clearly don't believe in free market system, but would rather have the FCC step in and determine what is a fair use of the public airwaves.

If there was a market for left-wing radio, Air America would have survived. There just isn't, because the Left has nearly every major daily paper in the country, all three network news broadcasts, CNN, MSNBC and so many more sources to spout the party line. They don't need radio! There's no market for it.

What the Left wants to do with the "Fairness Doctrine" is silence conservative talk radio, because it is one of the only avenues to get a non-liberal message out.

Via The Radio Equalizer


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