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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Krauthammer Says Obama Tries To "Denigrate, Cast Out and Delegitimize" Opposition - Video 4/23/10

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer commenting on President Obama's speech on Wall Street Reform. Krauthammer said he was "intrigued and appalled" at the tone of Obama's speech.

"The way - and he's done this before - he tries to denigrate, cast out and to delegitimize any argument against his. Here he's talking about it's not legitimate even to suggest that the bill he's supporting might encourage a bailout....The President has this tic in which he presents himself as having this sort of academic, reasonable discourse, but it really has inside of it a sharp edge of partisanship. Look, he won the Presidency. It gives him a big house, a lot of power and a fabulous airplane, but it does not make him the "arbiter of American political discourse."
 Very well put by Krauthammer. Obama, while trying to portray himself as open and tolerant, is thin-skinned and unwilling to deal with any criticism or disagreement. But that's standard procedure for those on the Left.


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