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Friday, April 30, 2010

Joy Behar Equates Bush Praying About Iraq Invasion with Terrorists Saying Allah Tells Them to Attack - Video

Via Weasel Zippers

Just when you think someone like Joy Behar can't sink any lower, she goes and does it. Here is a brief video clip from her show where, in talking to Phil Donahue, she equated George Bush praying to God about sending U.S. Troops into Iraq with Terrorists saying Allah tells them to commit their heinous acts! "What's the difference," she asks blindly?

Of course, if you can't see the difference, you are by definition a far-Left loon. George W. Bush and the United States invaded Iraq to do away with the despotic and dangerous regime of Saddam Hussein. The actions of our nation and our brave men and women in uniform liberated millions of people, and made our nation and the world more secure. The actions of the terrorists kill only the innocent, and seeks to make the world a more dangerous and unstable place.

It is frightening to think that so many now in leadership in America would probably agree with Behar's warped thinking. They live in the greatest, most noble nation that has ever existed on the earth, and they don't see it.


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