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Monday, April 19, 2010

Intolerant Christopher Hitchens Accuses Tony Perkins of "Intolerance" over National Day of Prayer - Video

Here is video of Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council, and atheist Christopher Hitchens debating the issue of whether it is appropriate for there to be a "National Day of Prayer" in the United States. Hitchens opposes the existence of such a day, even as he accused Tony Perkins of "intolerance." Watch the clip and see who you think is being intolerant here.

Yet, it is Hitchens who is opposed to all things religious. Perkins rightly and effectively pointed out repeatedly that the practice of having "National Days of Prayer" goes all the way back to George Washington and the other founders of our nation. No one is compelled to pray, nor is their any proscription as to what kind of prayer is to be offered. But it is a recognition of the role faith has played in the founding and preservation of our nation.

It is politically-correct in America today to be anti-Christian or anti-religious. That is not considered to be "intolerant." People like Hitchens ignore the fact that the First Amendment was primarily placed there to "protect the free exercise" of religion, and to keep the government from establishing a state church that would dominate and persecute all others.

Opponents of faith and religion today are trying to use the First Amendment to erase all vestiges of religion from our public life. That is clearly NOT what the founders intended by the First Amendment, as evidenced by their own public displays of faith and prayer.


Fuzzy Slippers April 19, 2010 at 7:21 AM  

It's freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. Hitchens is a small-minded little tyrant who wants to replace religion with his own dogma, forcing people to adhere to his own belief system in the very manner that he claims to revile organized religion. He's a hypocrite. And he's a bit of an idiot, too.

Petros April 19, 2010 at 10:45 AM  

First off, I think Mr. Perkins was completely missing the point of what Mr. Hitchens was making. If you want to pray, there are plenty of churches, mosques, temples, etc... to do it. The government is not suppose to be a place where religious practices are endorsed. Hitchens is not trying to eliminate religion from the US just from government. Why does the government need to waste time and tax-payers money on praying? Aren't there more important things that need to be done? Is it really appropriate? There is already a pay of prayer, it's called Sunday. How would the Christian right feel if there was a national day fasting during Ramadan? It is quite obvious that The National Day of Prayer is meant for the Christian god. And the argument that the Founding fathers did it is debatable but if you want to take it there then why not bring back slavery. Many of the Founding Fathers had slaves. Does it make it right? Keep the government out of religion. If you want to live in a place where religion rules your every move, live in Saudia Arabia or Iran. If the religious right has its way, we would become like those countries except with Christianity. No difference. All just as dogmatic and controlling every aspect of your life.

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