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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Harry Reid Tells Crowd Democrats Ready to Ram "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" Through "Like We Did" ObamaCare - Video

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Here is a video report on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is now saying "we're going to do Immigration Reform just like we did Health Care Reform."

Reid told a pro-Immigration Reform rally over the weekend (1:10 mark of the video):
"We're gonna come back, we're gonna do comprehensive immigration reform. I've got 59 Democratic Senators, all but 3 will support this. We're gonna do immigration reform just like we did health care reform -- Soon!"

If Reid and the Democrats move forward with this before the midterm elections, they are ensuring an enormous landslide for the GOP. As mad as Americans are right now over ObamaCare, if they ram this through in like fashion, it will be an avalanche at the polls in November.


Brittanicus April 13, 2010 at 3:40 PM  

After the million dollar land scandal in Nevada that accompanies Sen.Harry Reid as a nasty blemish on his record. He obviously doesn't care about his job as he fills up his pockets, because he will be kicked out. He will be made the--FIRST--example of, for going against the will of THE PEOPLE. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada will be seeing the door in the midterm elections. Unless of course the huge influx of illegal immigrants who live in Nevada vote for him? You might take a look at Nevada's budget deficit, that is hundreds of millions of dollars. It's near bankruptcy, such as California. Nevada during the construction boom was overrun, with foreign nationals competing for work with US citizens-residents. Illegal immigrants have bled dry the welfare system in Nevada, California, Arizona and every other state. No AMNESTY. It will be like a signal across the world, before millions more try to reach America before its signed into law. In addition, the new legalized immigrants can being in more family members, that could collapse welfare for our own people who live in poverty. Any new immigration enforcement law is compromised from its inception. Already Arizona politicians are looking for some loophole to crush their states rigid law. Arizona should enforce its laws, because Washington is not going to? The lawmakers are in the pay of lobbyists and this might be the same for state representatives as well. As a member of the tea party myself, I have contacted each website that Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Graham, McCain and a whole bunch more are ignoring the main block of THE PEOPLE. We can no longer afford to subsidies the illegal alien occupation on our soil. Learn what 1 million members of NumbersUSA have to say about the illegal immigration invasion.

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