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Monday, April 19, 2010

Glenn Beck Answers Charges of "Sedition" Made by Leftist "Time" Reporter Joe Klein - Video 4/19/10

Via Gateway Pundit

Here is video of Glenn Beck today, answering accusations of "sedition" made against him, as well as Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh by "Time" magazine's Joe Klein over the weekend. Klein's primary justification for his accusation was the use of the word "regime" to describe the Obama Administration. Beck pointed out that those on the Left used the word "regime" 6,500 times to refer to President George W. Bush!

Beck said:

"I love my country. I don’t even understand how speaking out can be sedition but that’s what Klein said about me and Sarah Palin and then Rush over the weekend… The only piece of evidence he sited was that Rush used the word “regime.” Well maybe John (Heilemann) should have done a little napkin journalism and googling before he went on the air as well. It may have helped him find out that the term “regime” was used 6,500 times to refer to the Bush Administration since January 20, 2001. The host he was talking to (Chris Matthews) used the term “regime” to describe Bush and Heilemann himself used regime to describe the Obama Administration at least four times. So, I’m trying to figure out how they can use the word regime and it’s not a problem and Rush uses it. See, it’s a game."


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