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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fred Thompson: "Democrats Say the Most Stupid Things to Justify What They are Doing" - Video 4/15/10

Here is video of former Sen. Fred Thompson on with Sean Hannity tonight where he said higher taxes are inevitable to go along with President Obama's European-style social welfare system.

Thompson said "Democrats say the most stupid things to justify what they are doing." He was reacting to the way Democrats minimize the tax burden Americans are under.

"We are changing the face of America," Thompson said, with the European-style tax system that is coming to pay for what Obama is doing. In particular, Thompson said the "Value Added Tax" is likely on the way. In Europe, the VAT tax winds up being about double where it begins.

Thompson said Americans won't put up with what the Democrats and Obama are doing:

"The sheep might stand pretty still while he's being shorn, but when you start butchering him, he's going to kick up a fuss."


Hangmann747 April 16, 2010 at 1:37 AM  

Hello Brian & All,

Hangmann747 Here. I have been in Dubai, UAE for over a year now (Work). Which is why I have not been very active Blogging lately. But I found something today that blows my mind.


This is an artical on the Fort Hood Shooter and why the FBI is not turning documents over to the Senate. After finding this on Al Jazeera I started looking at ALL USA media outlets to see if they had it, NONE did!!!

Why was it I had to find this on a Middle East News network (a good one by the way) and not any in the US. Our media SUCKS!

Brian I suggest keeping an eye on Al Jazeera.net/English (and others). As our media is too filtered to give us all the truth.

As Always, Thanks for being involved, Shane

"Standing Strong" & "Closing Ranks"
& still in "The Hunt For Red November"

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