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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Donald Trump Says Chinese Business Leaders are "Laughing at Our Country"; Calls Chinese "Manipulators" - Video 4/8/10

Here is video of Donald Trump on with Neil Cavuto today where he said many of the Chinese business leaders are "laughing at our country, they think we are so stupid," laughing at America's political leaders and representatives.

"They take our money - they suck it out of us. We charge them virtually no tax and no tax, then they loan it back to us, and then they have our Treasury Bills and 'They say, Oh gee, we have to be afraid of China because they have our Treasury Bills.' It's ridiculous."

Trump said the United States actually has "all the power," if we would simply impose high tariffs on Chinese goods. Trump said that would solve our debt problem with the Chinese quickly, and it would "put our people back to work." He said, "We don't need Chinese goods," and Trump said the Chinese are "manipulators," citing the way they had "13 year-olds" in the Olympics, and even had someone singing their national anthem who was not actually singing.


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