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Friday, April 30, 2010

Don Imus Calls Joe Scarborough a "Punk and a Phony"; Says "Joe and Mika" Radio Show "Is Canceled" - Audio

Here is audio, first of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on their radio show, which was pulled from The Citadel media lineup Monday, claiming it was pulled for a "brief haitus," while it is "revamped" into a three-hour program. They talk about how high-minded their show has been, as compared to talk radio that they claim just puts out "the same old drivel" day after day.

However, there is a clip of Don Imus reacting to their claims (begins at the 6:18 mark of the video). Imus says the show is not being "revamped" at all.

"His radio show is canceled. They're not revamping anything! He will never ever be on WABC in New York again, ever! Ever!...You know why they got blown out? Because they suck! And he's a punk and a phony."

Newsbusters has the whole story, along with The Radio Equalizer, who put the audio clips together.


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