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Friday, April 9, 2010

Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2010

News is out this morning that Michigan Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak will not seek re-election in this Fall's midterm election:

Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak, targeted for defeat by Tea Party activists for his crucial role in securing House approval of the health care overhaul, said Friday he would retire from Congress this year.

The nine-term congressman told The Associated Press he could have won re-election and insisted he wasn't being chased from the race by the Tea Party Express, which is holding rallies this week in his northern Michigan district calling for his ouster. Instead, Stupak said he was tired after 18 years in office and wanted to spend more time with his family.

"The Tea Party did not run me out," he said in a telephone interview. "If you know me and my personality, I would welcome the challenge."

Stupak, 58, said he had considered retirement for years but was persuaded to stay in Congress because of the prospect of serving with a Democratic majority and helping win approval of the health care overhaul, which he described as his top legislative priority.

"I've fought my whole career for health care and thanks to Barack Obama and my colleagues, we've gotten it done," he said. . . MORE

Stupak caved in on March 21, 2010, and announced his support of ObamaCare, despite there being any real changes to the legislation to prevent taxpayer funds from funding abortions. Stupak had claimed he would stand firm against the legislation unless the bill was altered. He did not.

This makes his seat wide-open to be a "pickup" for Republicans in the Fall.


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