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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cincinnati Tea Party Leader Explains to Crowd Why Sean Hannity and Fox News Pulled Out of Event - Raw Video 4/15/10

Here is raw video from Thursday, April 15, 2010, where a Cincinnati Tea Party Leader (his name is not given in the video) explained to the assembled crowd why Sean Hannity and Fox News bailed on their participation in the event that night. Hannity had been scheduled to headline the event, and broadcast his Fox News TV show live from there. But in the afternoon, Fox News Executives reportedly ordered him and his staff to return to New York to do the show.

This Cincinnati Tea Party leader explained to the crowd that Fox News made the decision because, he said, the left-wing organization Media Matters started a "rumor" that somehow "there was profiteering being done between the Tea Party and Fox News."

The man speaking in the video said he felt Fox News decided "inappropriately" to pull Hannity from the event, and instead should have just told "the truth" that no profiteering was taking place.


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