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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Canadian Commentator Defends Ann Coulter in Wake of Controversial Tour - Video

Remember the huge controversy created by Ann Coulter's presence in Canada last month? So much so that the Provost of the University of Ottawa - Francois Houle - sent Coulter a letter ahead of her arrival that warned her to be careful what she said. Her speech there wound up being canceled because of opposition to her even being able to share her views.

Well, here is a commentary I ran across by a man named Rex Murphy - a Canadian - who really takes to task those who tried to silence Coulter. His commentary is very well-spoken. Nice to hear someone inside Canada defend Coulter in such a clear and effective way.

ALSO: Classic Sarcastic Ann Coulter Response to a Sarcastic Canadian Muslim Student - Video 3/22/10


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