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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Presses Mitt Romney on the "Fiscal Disaster" of RomneyCare; Asks How He Would Defeat Obama - Video 4/12/10



Here is video of Bill O'Reilly interviewing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney last night, where he pressed him hard on what he called the "fiscal disaster" of RomneyCare.

Romney said it is essentially costing what they expected it to cost. He also claimed the plan takes people who had no health care and gives them a chance to purchase private, market-based health care.

Romney argued that RomneyCare differs from ObamaCare in that it is a state-based solution rather than a Federal Program! He finally admitted that his plan in Massachusetts has NOT brought health care costs down, and he said ObamaCare will not bring the cost of Health Care down nationally.

Part 2 of the interview has O'Reilly talking to Romney about how he would "go after" Obama if he decides to run for President. Romney said Obama's primary weak point is that he has not focused on the economy, but has instead, spent his time pushing through his liberal agenda. Putting people back to work by reducing the burdens businesses face is essential.

Romney said it is "not acceptable" for Iran to have a Nuclear Weapon, and said he would keep the military option on the table if he were President.


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