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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bachmann Says Federal Government Now Controls 51% of Private Economy; Says Obama Leadership has "Air of Infantilism" - Audio

Here is audio of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann on the Steve Malzberg Show, where she said that today, the "Federal Government now owns or controls 51% of the private economy."

Bachmann said the fiction that General Motors has paid back taxpayers is stunning. "They are using taxpayer money to pay back the taxpayers."

On the Budget Crisis, Bachmann said Obama is "pushing the present button just like he did 133 times when he was a state senator in Illinois," by waiting on recommendations from his "Debt Commission" late this year on what to do.

"He's already spent the huge wad of money. Now, somebody's got to pay the bill. Somebody has to be the adult in the room. It's easy to be the profligate spender. It's really hard to earn the money and figure out how to pay the bills. And that's what's changed. There's an air of infantilism about spending all this money and then acting completely oblivious about being the responsible party. But yet, somebody has to pay the piper. And now this issue is being kicked to this commission to figure how we are going to pay for it."


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