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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anti-Tea Party Nutcase Storms Stage at Sacramento Tea Party Event - Raw Video 4/15/10

Here is raw video of an anti-Tea Party nutcase storming the stage at a Sacramento Tax Day Tea Party event. The man interrupted a speaker at the rally by running onstage and shouting, "Give me my freedom" repeatedly. He was eventually subdued and hauled away.

It's not the Tea Party Activists who display violent tendencies, as constantly intimated by the liberal media. It is too often those who oppose them, like this man. But will we see this video reported on any liberal media outlet?

NOTE ABOUT VIDEO: The person who uploaded the video above to YouTube explains why there is a blackout in it after about 55 seconds: "Because when I rendered the clip, there was a piece of footage further down the timeline that I forgot. The actual clip is only about a minute. The rest is nothing until that other piece comes up. Just a mistake on my part this morning with little sleep."

Via Breitbart.tv


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