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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1954 "GE Theater" Episode Starring Ronald Reagan and James Dean Unearthed: "The Dark, Dark Hours" - Video

Here is video unearthed from 1954 of Ronald Reagan starring in a live broadcast of "GE Theater" with James Dean. The video has condensed the 23-minute broadcast into six minutes. In the episode, Reagan plays a doctor being forced at gunpoint by Dean to help an injured criminal. The episode was titled, "The Dark, Dark Hours."

Via The Atlantic


Anonymous,  April 22, 2010 at 1:30 AM  

This is my take: James Dean (you might be tempted to say Howard Dean) has broken into a house with his gay lover and they talk cool sh*t to Ronald. They are tomorrow`s Democrats who also believe in breaking into people`s homes and stealing money -- almost at gun point. You can tell they are Democrats due to their hip, with it `cool, daddy, cool` lingo... and dancing. Only Democrats would dance when somebody is dying because they`re always practicing for American Idol and, besides, life is too important not to `cut some rug` daddy-o. James Dean ends up being a small man (and he does seem short in this flick), a rebel, which is as predictable as rosary beads for a Catholic, a cowardly thug. The only admirable thing to be said about the dying crook is that he showed an intensity to his life and some off-beat humor. But that intensity is what youth eats up -- it`s more romantic and authentic than the ma and pa, Leave It To Beaver family ethic that Reagan portrayed. This show, like an eerie episode of Twilight Zone, forecasts America.

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