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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wall Street Journal Calls Obama's Plan to Use "Reconciliation" to Pass ObamaCare an "Abuse of Power"

An Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal today flatly calls President Obama's plan to jam ObamaCare through the U.S. Senate using the 'Nuclear Option' "Reconciliation Process" an "Abuse of Power." The article lays out very clearly how this will be the first time the process created in 1974 has ever been used to pass sweeping legislation like Obama's Health Care Plan. Though the White House is trying to make people think it is no big deal - that it has been used before like this - the Democrats' own Sen. Robert Byrd has said it would be wrong to use it for Health Care Reform or for "Cap and Trade" legislation. From the opinion piece:

President Clinton preferred to use reconciliation to pass HillaryCare in the 1990s, but he was dissuaded by West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, who argued that it would be an abuse of the process. Mr. Byrd, author of a four-volume history of Senate rules and procedures, told the Washington Post last March that "The misuse of the arcane process of reconciliation—a process intended for deficit reduction—to enact substantive policy changes is an undemocratic disservice to our people and to the Senate's institutional role," specifically citing health reform and cap and trade. . . .

Here is the opening paragraph of the Journal's Opinion piece. Be sure and read it all:
A string of electoral defeats and the great unpopularity of ObamaCare can't stop Democrats from their self-appointed rendezvous with liberal destiny—ramming a bill through Congress on a narrow partisan vote. What we are about to witness is an extraordinary abuse of traditional Senate rules to pass a bill merely because they think it's good for the rest of us, and because they fear their chance to build a European welfare state may never come again. . . . MORE


B. Johnson,  March 3, 2010 at 11:35 AM  

What troubles me about the WSJ's article on reconciliation is the following. Why doesn't the WSJ seem to understand that, given the federal Constitution is silent about public healthcare, the 10th A. automatically reserves government power to regulate healthcare to the states, not the Oval Office and Congress. So just like the powers prohibited to the federal government by the 1st Amendment, the WSJ is surprisingly overlooking that neither house of Congress has the constitutional authority to make healthcare legislation in the first place.

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